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Superior WCT4820 EPA Certified Wood Burning Fireplace

Superior WCT4820 EPA Certified Wood Burning Fireplace

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The WCT4820 fireplace combines beauty and efficiency to offer an exceptional wood-burning unit. With advanced combustion and heat-circulating features, you can enjoy unsurpassed warmth and comfort. And with an array of customizable design options, you can have the freedom to create the perfect fireplace to fit your taste.


  • Textured refractory-lined firebox recreates a traditional masonry appearance that exudes realism and sophistication.
  • A single door made from the European cast-iron gives an unobstructed view of the fire for gazing entertainment.


  • Meets EPA Phase II-certified and Washington State emissions requirements (3.7 gr/hr)
  • 55,000 BTU/hr* effectively heats up to 1,500 sq. ft.* (with optional blower)
  • Airtight combustion chamber delivers maximum efficiency to ensure steady home heating.
  • Double air combustion features two controls that allow you to customize the heating of your home, including:
  • Main control for variable heat output and wood consumption.
  • Air boost for faster wood ignition and efficient combustion.

Ease of Operation

  • The efficient air wash system keeps the glass clean, reducing the hassle of maintenance.
  • Heat-resistant handle stays cool to the touch.
  • Burn time is approximately 6–8 hours for long-lasting comfort.

Design Versatility

  • The cast-iron door is available in two styles to match your taste.
  • Louverless panel and gravity kits are available to add an attractive element to the fireplace.

Approved Chimney Systems

  • United States: Security® Secure Temp® ASHT+, Security® Secure Temp® S-2100+, DuraVent® DuraTech®
  • Canada: Security® SecureTemp® ASHT+, Security® SecureTemp® S-2100+, DuraVent® DuraTech®, DuraVent® DuraTech® Canada (DTC), Oliver MacLeod® Projet Nova Temp HT6103+, Oliver MacLeod® Projet Nova Temp HT6000+


EPA-certified wood-burning fireplaces from Superior are expertly designed and crafted from over 30 years of experience creating high-efficiency EPA fireplaces. You can count on a lifetime of warmth from our fireplaces with the added bonus of responsible burning.


            Model WCT4820WS
            Framing Width 36-3/8"
            Framing Height 37"
            Framing Depth 24-1/2"
            EPA EPA Certified
            Pure Fire N/A
            Warranty 20 Year Limited Warranty


            Blower Kits

            Click to see Blower Kit options

            Variable Speed Blower Control

            • Rheostat type blower speed control
            • Allows off/on and high/low-speed operation of the optional UZY5 blower
            • Ideal for situations when full blower speed is not required or less noise is needed
            • Can be mounted after blower installation
            • For Superior models utilizing the UZY5 fan only

            200CFM Fan Kit - For WCT/WRT4800 Series Fireplaces

            • High output 200CFM squirrel cage design
            • Can be equipped with Superior VRUW variable speed control
            • Heat-activated thermal switch included
            • Power requirements: 115V/60H/39W
            • Fits Superior WCT4820 and WRT4826 wood-burning fireplace

            HeatFlo Kit

            Clean Face Panel and EPA HeatFlo Kit

            • EPA Fireplace HeatFlo Convection Kit includes:
              • 2 Aluminum Flex w/R4 Insulated Sleeve 8" Dia x 10'
              • 2 Wall Thimbles
              • 2 Duct Adapters
              • 2 Duct Rings
              • 2 White Grills and Screws

            Refractory Liner Options

            White Stacked Brick

            Door Options

            Contemporary Arch Pane Black Door
            • Color: Black
            • Arched door assembly for Superior WCT4820 wood-burning fireplace
            • Clean, single level contemporary perimeter frame
            • Required to complete fireplace assembly
            • Features high-temperature pyro ceramic glass
            • Easily removed for cleaning

            Forced Air Heating Kits

            Click to see Forced Air Heating Kit options

            Forced Air Starter Kit - For Superior EPA Fireplace Models

            • Includes blower, flex adaptors and clamps, blower speed control, thermal switch, and damper
            • Can be used independently or with existing HVAC systems
            • Greatly increases the heating reach of wood-burning fireplaces
            • Recommended to be wired to an independent circuit

            Forced Air Flex Duct - For Superior EPA Fireplace Models - 15 Feet

            • Includes 15 feet of compressed 5-inch flex duct
            • Corrugated aluminum construction
            • Designed to duct air to adjacent rooms or furnace plenums
            • Ideal for use with Superior BISFWK-1 forced air kit

            Forced Air Flex Duct - For Superior EPA Fireplace Models - 25 Feet

            • Includes 25 feet of compressed 5-inch flex duct
            • Corrugated aluminum construction
            • Designed to duct air to adjacent rooms or furnace plenums
            • Ideal for use with Superior BISFWK-1 forced air kit

            120 Volt Thermostat - For Superior Forced Air Heating Systems

            • Used to control the local operation of Superior BISFWK-1 forced air kit
            • Designed to operate independently of home HVAC thermostat
            • Durable, long-lasting controls and internal contacts
            • Works with Superior closed combustion wood-burning fireplaces
            NOTE: The forced air kits are not EPA certified.

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