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Solo Stove Stainless Steel Bonfire + Stand & Shelter 2.0 Bundle

Solo Stove Stainless Steel Bonfire + Stand & Shelter 2.0 Bundle

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Create good; We are driven by this mantra. Our fire pits, camp stoves, grill, and accessories are designed to help you get in touch with whatever is “good” for you. Whether it’s a primal moment in awe of a flame, the moment right after you have taken a hot sip of coffee in the mountains, or your kid’s face when they bite into a delicious s’more.

We believe we are part of shared humanity. We are grateful to have these moments right in front of us to connect with those we love, remember something meaningful inside ourselves, and appreciate nature in its stunning beauty.

Good moments. Good memories. Good products. So you can create a good life.


The Solo Stove Bonfire is unlike any other fire pit you’ve ever seen! Now with the removeable ash pan, we have used our same patented technology that has been perfected into a portable fire pit to take along on trips or to enjoy at home. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left over! Making the Bonfire not only easy to clean up, but won’t leave you smelling like campfire. The Shelter is made from PVC-coated polyester — the same material used to make whitewater rafts. This also includes the Bonfire Stand. The Stand raises up your fire pit, allowing cool air to pass through its vent holes. This also allows you to burn on heat sensitive surfaces like wood decks or green grass.


Stand included

This allows you to use the fire pit on heat sensitive surfaces, like green grass or a wooden deck.

Shelter is made of PVC-coated polyester

Repel rain, snow, dust, wind from damaging your Bonfire with this weather resilient cover.

Removable Ash Pan Included

You don't need a special tool to clean your fire pit. Our new, removable ash pan rests under the removable base plate, catching all the fine ash in one place. Just lift the base plate to remove the ash pan, clean out its contents, and that's it!

Low Smoke

Indulge in fireside experiences without the inconvenience of a smoky flame. Our Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes or hair.


Weighing in at just over 23 pounds, your fire pit was made to move. Spark up smokeless adventures everywhere you go, pack up your fire pit in the included carry case and get moving. Your fire pit is ready to go wherever you do.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We warranty each and every Solo Stove product to be free of manufacturing defects, and we will replace with a new product, at our option, any genuine Solo Stove product sold by an authorized retailer that is deemed defective.

    Every Solo Stove product is backed by our lifetime warranty.


    Model No.
    Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Fuel Type Wood
    Area Heated 4-8 ft.
    Width 19.5"
    Depth 19.5"
    Height 14"
    Shape Round
    Weight 23 lbs.
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