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Osburn Inspire 2000 Wood Insert

Osburn Inspire 2000 Wood Insert

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This wood insert will bring unmatched modernism to your decor, in addition to perfectly combining functionality and comfort. The impeccable lines display a timeless style while guaranteeing reliability and durability.
Whether you want to enjoy a broad view of the flames in the comfort of your living room during a romantic evening or simply to benefit from impressive heat in cold weather, the Inspire will charm you as much by its aesthetics as its 77% optimal performance. With its particle emission rate as low as 1.54 g/h and its high-performance combustion system, environmentalists have never been as happy with wood heating. The Inspire Collection celebrates our past and embraces our future as our team is committed more than ever to our industry's contribution to sustainability. A dream opportunity on the latest trends!

Required to complete the woodstove:

  • Faceplate

      Appliance Performance
      Fuel type : Dry cordwood
      Recommended heating area-ft² : () 500 - 2,100
      Overall firebox volume : 2.4
      EPA loading volume-ft³ : 2.02
      Maximum burn time : (*) 8 h
      Maximum heat output (dry cordwood) : (2) 75,000 BTU/h (22 kW)
      Overall heat output rate < : (2) (3) 14,800 BTU/h (4.34 kW) to 28,600 BTU/h (8.38 kW))
      Average overall efficiency (EPA cribs/Douglas fir) : (3) N.A. (HHV) (4) N.A. (LHV) (5)
      Average overall efficiency (dry cordwood) : (3) 69 % (HHV) (4) 74 % (LHV) (5)
      Optimum efficiency : (6) (7) 77 %
      Average particulate emissions rate : (8) 1.54 g/h
      Average CO : (9) 89.4 g/h

      (1) Values are as measured per test method, except for the recommended heating area, firebox volume, maximum burn time, and maximum heat output.

      (2) The maximum heat output (dry cordwood) is based on a loading density varying between 15 lb./ft³ and 20 lb./ft³. Other performances are based on a fuel load prescribed by the standard. The specified loading density varies between 7 lb./ft³ and 12 lb./ft³. The moisture content is between 19% and 25%.

      (3) As measured per CSA B415.1-10 stack loss method.

      (4) Higher Heating Value of the fuel.

      (5) Lower Heating Value of the fuel.

      (6) Performances based on a fuel load prescribed by the standard at 7 lb/ft³ and with a moisture content between 19% and 25%.

      (7) Optimum overall efficiency at a specific burn rate (LHV).

      (8) This appliance is officially tested and certified by an independent agency.

      (9) Carbon monoxide.

      General Features
      Combustion technology Non-catalytic
      High-efficiency certified appliance Yes, EPA 2020 approved
      Maximum log length 20"
      Log positioning Loading over width
      Chimney diameter 6"
      Type of chimney Liner - ULC-S635, CAN/ULC-S640, UL1777
      Minimum chimney height (feet) 12'
      Baffle type C-Cast
      Approved for a mobile home installation No
      Shipping Weight 420 lb. (191 kg)
      Door type Single, glass with steel frame
      Glass type Ceramic glass
      Glass surface – dimensions (Width X Height) 24 13/16" X 18 1/2"
      Glass air-wash system Yes
      Premium quality blower included (CFM) 176
      Overall dimension (Height) 24"
      Overall dimension (Width) 28 1/2"
      Overall dimension (Depth) 20 3/4"
      Door opening – dimension (Height) 8 1/4"
      Door opening - dimension (Width) 20"
      Firebox – dimension (Height) 11 3/4"
      Firebox – dimension (Width) 21"
      Firebox – dimension (Depth) 16 3/4"
      Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution Yes
      Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion Yes
      Steel thickness – body 3/16"
      Steel thickness – top 3/8"
      Fireplace opening – minimum (Height) 24 5/8"
      Fireplace opening – minimum (Width) 29"
      Fireplace opening – minimum (Depth) 20 3/4"
      USA standard (emissions) EPA Method 28
      Canadian Standard (emissions) CSA B415.1-10
      USA standard (safety) UL 1482, UL 737
      Canadian standard (safety) ULC S628
      Tested and listed as per applicable standards By an accredited laboratory (CAN/USA)
      Warranty Limited lifetime
      Minimum clearances to combustibles*
      (Data expressed in inches. 1 inch = 25.4 mm)
      Canada United-States
      Clearance – top (measured from the platform on which the appliance is installed)** N.A. N.A.
      Clearance – combustible side mantle to unit 9" 9"
      Clearance – combustible top mantle to unit 27" 27"
      Clearance – combustible side wall to unit 16" 16"
      Clearance – minimum floor protection in front of the appliance 18" 16"
      Clearance – top shelf to unit 27" 27"

      * The information given on the certification label affixed to the appliance always overrides the information published in any other media (owner's manual, catalogues, flyers, magazines and/or web sites).

      ** Some appliances have been tested with a low ceiling. Before setting up your unit, refer to the installation manual.



      75,000 BTU

      Heating Capacity

      500-2,100 sq. ft.

      Firebox Size

      2.4 cu ft.

      Log Length

      up to 20”

      Flue Pipe Diameter



      420 lbs.


      28 1/2”


      20 3/4”



      Minimum Opening-Width


      Minimum Opening-Depth

      20 3/4”

      Minimum Opening-Height

      24 5/8”


      Inspire 2000 Wood Insert with Narrow Faceplate (U Shape)
      Inspire 2000 Wood Insert with 32'' X 50'' Cuttable Faceplate (16ga)
      Inspire 2000 Wood Insert with Narrow Faceplate (4 sided)

      *NOTE: Shown with the required faceplate (not included). The faceplate must be purchased to complete this unit.


      Click to see options

      32'' X 50'' Cuttable Faceplate (18 gauges)

      --- bridges the gap between the fireplace insert and fireplace perimeter

      5" Fresh Air Intake Kit

      --- recommended to reduce or eliminate negative pressure problems

      5'' Fresh Air Intake Register with Airtight Damper

      --- allows outside combustion air to feed the appliance

      7 3/16" X 26" Heat Shield for Surround/Shelf

      --- diverts heat around combustible mantel shelves and surrounds

      Offset Liner Adaptor

      --- allows your flexible liner to be offset to the rear of an insert outlet.


      Click to see accessories

      Adhesives, Gaskets and Insulation

      48" X 24" X 1/2" Micore 300 Mineral Fiber Boards (4 units)

      Silicone and 5/8" X 8' Black Door Gasket Kit

      --- includes 8' of 5/8" dia. black gasket and one tube of high-temp silicone adhesive


      Metallic Black Stove Paint – 342g (12oz) Aerosol

      --- adheres well and dries quickly and retains color well over time

      Metallic Black Stove Paint – 85g (3oz) Aerosol

      --- help keep your stove looking its best.

      Maintenance Products

      Start-Up Kit

      --- comes with some high quality gloves, glass cleaner, a digital moisture reader, and a double wall stove pipe probe thermometer

      Ash Vacuum Cleaner

      --- designed almost exclusively for ash collection

      Kevlar Thread Wood Stove And Fireplace Gloves

      --- gloves are recommended for a safe and clean use with any type of wood-burning appliance.

      19" Kevlar Thread Sewn Fireplace Gloves

      --- cover the entire forearm to protect against heat sources

      Dry Cleaning Pad

      --- easily cleans the soot from glass without water

      Wood Appliance Glass Cleaner (500ml - 16.9fl.oz.)

      --- recommended for cleaning the glass of any type of wood-burning appliance


      60" Washed Cedar Non-Combustible Mantel

      72" Washed Cedar Non-Combustible Mantel

      60" Tavern Brown Non-Combustible Mantel

      72" Tavern Brown Non-Combustible Mantel

      Fire Starters

      Sachet Pouches Fire Starter

      Wood and Paraffin Fire Starter Cubes

      --- safe, odorless, soot less, strong burning; can be stored indefinitely and does not dry out

      Fireplace Tool Sets

      Equiss Freestanding Log Holder

      --- intersecting panel design for easy setup

      Drawer and Tool Kit for Wood Storage Insert

      --- includes fire poker and shovel


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