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Napoleon 45" High Country 6000 Wood Burning Fireplace

Napoleon 45" High Country 6000 Wood Burning Fireplace

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Door Kit

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Arched Black Double Door

Arched Wrought Iron Double Door

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Wrought Iron Surround
Black Surround (Select Inset & Keystone Below to Complete)
Arched Black Upper Inset (Required for Black Surround)
Black Keystone (Required for Black Surround)

Optional Accessories

Arched Screen Kit
Genuine Leather Gloves
Wrought Iron Paint 13oz
Black Paint, Thurmalox 13oz (Case of 12)

Heat Circulating

6" x 10’ Air Circulation Vent & Collar
Blower System with Decorative Grill & Washable Filter
Thermostat, 110 Volt (for use with Hot Air Distribution Kit)
8" Coupler
Flexible Vent Support Assembly
Mounting Plate/Collar & Intake Grill for 6" Circulation Vent
6" X 10' Outside Combustion Air Extension Kit
Gravity Hot Air Vent and Grill
5ft Flexible Air Vent
Starter Collars for the Air Cooled Chimney
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Wood Fireplaces

Wood-Burning Fireplaces are as traditional as you can get when it comes to a fireplace. They use wood as fuel and require someone to tend them. However, the joy you receive from the scent, the sound, and actively taking part in ensuring heat and light in your home is second to none. Napoleon has a variety of sizes and shapes of Wood-Burning Fireplaces to meet your comfort needs. The enormous viewing area will ensure that not a moment of those beautiful crackling fires will be missed. Easy to use doors and screens ensure lighting and loading are an effortless experience. Napoleon’s Wood-Burning Fireplaces exceed government requirements, burning with unprecedented efficiency. With state-of-the-art technology and hand-crafted beauty, our Wood-Burning Fireplaces will last for generations.

High Country Series

The Napoleon High Country is a series of wood burning fireplaces that feature exceptionally large viewing areas so you will never miss a second of the gorgeous glow from the fire. Heat radiating ceramic glass and a powerful air wash system makes this fireplace easy to light and keeps the glass clean. The state-of-the-art wood burning technology and hand-crafted beauty of the High Country Series will last for generations.

High Country 6000

The Napoleon High Country™ 6000 wood fireplace is the perfect blend of elegant, rustic styling and state-of-the-art wood burning technology. The advanced air wash system increases the airflow through the unit to aid in starting a fire, when reloading fuel and keeps the glass cleaner. An optional blower increases heating efficiency. Customize the rustic look with optional fronts, screens, and surrounds. A wood fireplace is an ideal choice to add class and artistry to your home.

Traditional Elegance

Combustible building materials may be allowed to be installed against the body of the unit without fear of combustion/heat damage.

Art Needs a Frame

From understated to elegant, these decorative fronts enhance your living space.

*Please Note:

  • Shown with Arched Black Cast Iron Double Doors, Arched Faceplate, Grill & Keystone (Not Included). Sold Separately.
  • Please check the accessories section to view more options.

Available Model:


  • Heat radiating ceramic glass
  • Advanced airwash system
  • Presidents limited lifetime warranty
  • Cast iron andirons and grate
  • WHISPER QUIET™ blower system
  • Firebrick lined Firebox with a cast Napoleon insignia
  • Heavy duty welded 1/4" boiler plate construction

CA Residents: See Prop 65 WARNING.


      Model NZ6000
      Fuel Type
      Vent Type Vented
      Vent Size 8"
      Installation Type Zero Clearance
      Firebox Size (cu. ft.) 4.8
      Area Heated (sq. ft.) 3000 +

      Options & Accessories

      Door Kit (Required)

      Arched Black Double Door
      • The Napoleon Arched Black Double Doors come in the versatile color that you can expect will find a suitable place within your hearth.
      • Adding to that luxury is the superb construction and building materials, due to heavy cast iron components with integral hinges.

        Arched Wrought Iron Double Door
        • The Napoleon Arched Wrought Iron Double Door has the appearance that communicates the strength of its building components, that wrought iron finish is due to heavy wrought iron construction with integral hinges.
        • Enjoy an attractive glass viewing window, made of pyroceramic material.
        • Also included is a replaceable gasket and retaining brackets.

        Click to see Surround (Required)

        Wrought Iron Surround (FPWI-1)

        • The Napoleon Arched Wrought Iron Faceplate comes with upper grill and keystone.
        • The durable build is revealed within the wrought iron finish, which complements an aesthetic that will thoroughly please hearth owners.
        • This heavy construction includes the keystone and, also, fender detail.

        Black Surround (FPK-1) -
        (Must Order Inset and Keystone to Complete)
        • The Napoleon Arched Black Faceplate has both a versatile color and sleek construction to its name.
        • With plate steel construction and an integral door frame, this face plate does not leave your decor without style and lasting impressions.
        • Enjoy a quality, attractive ambiance and more, this is made specifically for the Napoleon High Country NZ6000 fireplace.

          Click to see Inset and Keystone (Required for Black Surround)

          Arched Black Upper Inset (UGK)
          • The Napoleon Arched Black Upper Grill is made with an intricate design, as seen in the ornate appearance of the grills, perfect for air circulation.
          • Also made to complete the face of the Napoleon (FPK-1) black surround.

          Black Keystone (KSK)

          • The Napoleon Black Keystone is made with strength and impressive looks in mind.
          • That strength is revealed in the cast iron materials, which enhance the abilities of this keystone.
          • With regard to those abilities, this keystone is constructed to be a finishing accent and detail.
          • This is required to complete (FPK-1) black surround.

          Click to see Heat Circulating Options

          Thermostat, 110 Volt (for use with Hot Air Distribution Kit)

          • Draws 110 Volts for efficient operation
          • Allows for more precise temperature control
          • Thermostat intended for use with hot air distribution kit
          • Turns your fireplace hot air distribution unit into a fully controlled, thermostatic experience

          Blower System with Decorative Grill & Washable Filter (GA65 Vent and Collar Required)

          • NZ64 Blower kit provides a fireplace component to help heat circulation, this blower kit is intended for use with select Napoleon fireplaces in order to increase heat circulation and energy efficiency.
          • This blower kit includes the safety door switch and temperature sensor in order to provide automatic on/off control in order to increase the heat circulation of the gas appliance.

          6" x 10’ Air Circulation Vent and Collar for use with NZ64 blower
          • It is required for setting up the NZ64 blower kit with Napoleon Dream and HD81 fireplaces.
          • This Napoleon blower adaptor kit comes with a vent, collar, and more to reliably connect the blower to the fireplace.

            8" Direct Vent Pipe Coupler
            • Napoleon W175-0002 Coupler for Flexible Direct Vent, 8-inch provides a high quality venting component for Napoleon's direct vent appliances.
            • This 8" coupler allows the connection of two 8" flexible vent liners in order to simplify your venting installation.

            Flexible Vent Support Assembly

            • Napoleon W010-0067 Wall Support Assembly for Flexible Direct Vent, 5x8-inch provides a high quality venting component for Napoleon's direct vent appliances.
            • This 5" x 8" wall support assembly helps complete your venting assembly in order to simplify your venting installation.

            Mounting Plate / Collar and Intake Grill for 6" Circulation Vent

            • Mounting Plate or Collar and Intake Grill for 6 Inch Circulation Vent
            • Not required if installing NZ64 blower system
            • For use with NZ6000 High Country 6000 Series fireplaces

            6" X 10' Outside Combustion Air Extension Kit

            • Napoleon 6 Inch x 10 Feet Outside Combustion Air Extension Kit
            • For model NZ6000 and NZ3000 High Country Wood Burning Fireplaces
            • Includes coupler and hardware

            Gravity Hot Air Vent and Grill Kit

            • Napoleon Gravity Hot Air Vent and Grill Kit
            • For use with High Country 6000 fireplace

            5ft Flexible Air Vent

            • Napoleon 5 Feet x 8 Inch Insulated Aluminum Gravity Hot Air Vent
            • For use with Wood Burning fireplace models NZ-26, NZ-26WI, NZ6000, and NZ3000

            Starter Collars for the Air Cooled Chimney

            • A starter collar helps make attaching your heating appliance to an air-cooled chimney simple.
            • You can get the appliance you want and attach it to your preferred style of chimney simply by using this convenient starter collar.

            Arched Screen Kit

            • High Country Arched Screen Kit add extra protection and rustic charm to your wood burning fireplace with this Napoleon fireplace arched screen.

            Country Crane and Hearth Pot

            • Decorative Country Crane and Hearth PotThis decorative hearth pot will transport your fireplace back in time.
            • Perfect for rustic dcor, this unique accessory adds old world charm, form and function to your NZ6000 fireplace.

            Genuine Leather Gloves

            • Genuine Grey Cowhide Leather BBQ Glove provides the user with heat protection when working with the heat from your barbecue grill thanks to the reinforced stitching, and quality fit with greater dexterity.

            • Genuine grey leather and reinforced stitching ensure that when you are handling hot stuff, your hands remain safely cool and comfortable.

            Wrought Iron Paint 13oz

            • This Wrought Iron spray paint will keep your fireplace / stove looking its wrought iron best.
            • This paint is designed for painting high heat gas and wood burning fireplace as well as keeping your stove and its parts rust free.
            • This wrought iron paint dries fast is and easy to apply-whether just touching up scratches or small areas of oxidation, or giving your stove an overhaul.
            • Keeping your fireplace / stove maintained with this paint will lengthen the life of your stove and this paint comes in a 13 oz. can.

            Black Paint, Thurmalox 13oz (Case of 12)
            • Type: Paint
            • Thurmalox Black Paint
            • Case of 12 (13 oz)


            Napoleon President’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

            Refer to the product manual for full warranty details.


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