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Monessen Damper Clamps (Carton of 6) for Vented Installations

Monessen Damper Clamps (Carton of 6) for Vented Installations

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Damper Clamps

Damper clamps allow you to keep the flue open so exhaust gases can escape your vented log set. This six count accessory is required for vented installations. So once you got to change from a vent free configuration to vented, these damper clips are there to form the method even easier.

The C-CLAMP Damper Clamp permits the operation of Manual and Millivolt controlled gas logs to be installed as a vented decorative log set by keeping the flue open in the least times allowing the exhaust gases to flee from your fireplace.


  • Six count
  • Damper clamps
  • Required for vented installations

Compatible with the following Monessen appliances

  • EYF 18
  • EYF 24
  • Glow Getter 18
  • Glow Getter 24
  • Lyric 18
  • Lyric 24
  • Lyric 30
  • Mojo 22
  • Mojo 27
  • Natural Blaze 18
  • Natural Blaze 24
  • PH 18
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