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MF Fire Nova Room Blower Fan - Freestanding

MF Fire Nova Room Blower Fan - Freestanding

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We love wood heat, but wood stoves haven’t changed much in decades. In modern times, there is no reason a wood stove should be polluting, inefficient, or difficult to use.

Here at MF Fire, we take a different approach when creating wood stoves. We started MF Fire to deliver the best wood heat while using innovation to eliminate the undesirable aspects of wood stoves. We leverage our patented technologies, intelligent design, and state-of-the-art fire science to build stoves with high efficiency and low emissions while providing users with a simple, easy-to-use experience.

With designs that fit any home, whether a cabin, chalet, farmhouse, or modern home, our timeless and contemporary wood stoves deliver beautiful aesthetics to fit any taste.

You only purchase a wood stove once every 10-20 years and deserve an attractive stove that you enjoy looking at while having it deliver all your heating needs. We use only the finest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Starting with welded steel, our wood stoves employ large glass viewing windows, soapstone, and a variety of color options. We produce wood stoves unlike any other in North America that range from sleek and modern to sophisticated and high tech.

Wood is a sustainable and renewable source of fuel and heat that should be responsibly utilized to create clean energy. We are committed to creating and producing wood stoves that meet the demands of modern living.

Nova Room Blower Fan

A room blower circulates warm air into your room by blowing air across the hot top of the stove, warming it as it travels across the stove top. Air is pushed throughout the room, delivering a faster, more even distribution of your wood stove heat. Nova's room blower provides you with easy speed control via a knob on the side of the blower for simple, easy control.

A room blower is the most desirable option on a wood stove, as it helps heat the whole room faster, eliminating different temperatures in different parts of the room, and lets you enjoy your wood heat more thoroughly.


  • Delivers high volume air movement in your room - 125 cubic feet per minute - to quickly and evenly distribute hot air from your stove.
  • Variable speed control allows you to set a desired airflow to meet your needs.
  • Uses standard 120V/60Hz electrical to power the blower
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