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MF Fire 22" Nova Wood Stove - Satin Black Body with Black Door

MF Fire 22" Nova Wood Stove - Satin Black Body with Black Door

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We love wood heat, but wood stoves haven’t changed much in decades. In modern times, there is no reason a wood stove should be polluting, inefficient, or difficult to use.

Here at MF Fire, we take a different approach when creating wood stoves. We started MF Fire to deliver the best wood heat while using innovation to eliminate the undesirable aspects of wood stoves. We leverage our patented technologies, intelligent design, and state-of-the-art fire science to build stoves with high efficiency and low emissions while providing users with a simple, easy-to-use experience.

With designs that fit any home, whether a cabin, chalet, farmhouse, or modern home, our timeless and contemporary wood stoves deliver beautiful aesthetics to fit any taste.

You only purchase a wood stove once every 10-20 years and deserve an attractive stove that you enjoy looking at while having it deliver all your heating needs. We use only the finest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Starting with welded steel, our wood stoves employ large glass viewing windows, soapstone, and a variety of color options. We produce wood stoves unlike any other in North America that range from sleek and modern to sophisticated and high tech.

Wood is a sustainable and renewable source of fuel and heat that should be responsibly utilized to create clean energy. We are committed to creating and producing wood stoves that meet the demands of modern living.

Nova Wood Stove

Nova's modern and contemporary design enables it to blend into any room setting with style and ease. With a compact outer appearance that hides a sizable 1.7ft.3 fireboxes, enabling you to enjoy long burn times. The large Glass front gives you a bright, mesmerizing fire view.

MF Fire is a new kind of wood stove company, delivering innovative and beautiful wood stoves for modern living. Gone are the days of working hard to get your wood stove to work or being unable to see and enjoy your fire. Winner of the MIT Clean Energy Prize and called, "... a game-changer" by Smithsonian Magazine.

Nova is designed to take the guesswork and tinkering out of wood-burning. Perfect for both the causal wood burner and lifelong burner, there is no longer a need to adjust burn settings. Just light a fire and an efficient, clean burn is delivered every time.

Nova’s viewing area mimic’s the size of the firebox allowing for an intimate experience every time. 175 in.2 of glass in Nova showcases the beauty and warmth that a wood fire brings.

Not only does Nova burn brighter, but it also burns with high efficiency - 70% lab-tested maximum efficiency. This efficiency saves you tim, effort and money - more heat, fewer wood stove reloads, and longer burn times. Nova's high efficiency and low emissions qualify it for state rebate programs to save you even more money. That's something to smile about while enjoying your fire.


  • Designed to take the guesswork and tinkering out of wood-burning. Perfect for the casual wood burner, there is no longer a need to adjust burn settings. Just light a fire and an efficient, clean burn is delivered every time.
  • Exceeds the stringent 2020 EPA emissions standards, meaning you get all the fire without the smoke.
  • Enjoy High Efficiency with MORE HEAT, from LESS WOOD. With a maximum Certified efficiency of 75%, Nova gets the most out of your wood. The steady heat output makes any space warm and comfortable.
  • With simple edges, minimal lines, Nova's design provides a modern, unique look among wood stoves.
  • Heating Capacity: Up to 1,500 ft2. Heat Output: 9,000 to 50,000 BTU/hr. Accepts 18" Cord Wood.
  • Optional outside air kit. Rear Venting. Fits Standard 6" Diameter Chimney Connector.


Cord Wood Measurement Accepts 18'' Cord Wood
Diameter Chimney Connector 6'' Standard
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Country Origin/ Manufacturer USA
Certification EPA 2020, UL Listed
Assembly Required Yes, Standard Wood Stove Install
Packaging Type Pallet
Product Shipment LTL
Freight Class 70
Shipment Location Baltimore, MD 21230
Weight 295lbs

Specification Performance

Nova Wood Stove

  • 2020 EPA Compliant
  • Light it and enjoy – no adjustments needed
  • Massive glass for viewing the fire
  • Fits into most fireplaces openings as well
  • Stove Dimensions: 24″ H x 22.5″ W x 19″ D
  • Firebox Dimension: 1.7 ft3
  • Heating Capacity: Up to 1,500 sq ft
  • Max. Heat Output: 50,000 BTU/hr
  • Max. Efficiency: 70.6% (+/-5.3%)
  • EPA Emissions: 1.9 g/hr
  • Blower: 125 CFM
  • Log Size: 18″
  • Rear vent (Top vent upon request only)


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