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Mason-Lite Damper Blocks

Mason-Lite Damper Blocks

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Have you ever dreamed of the radiant warmth of a masonry fireplace in your bedroom? Or, do you dream of an outdoor fireplace where you can gather together with friends and loved ones?Dreams can come true with Mason-Lite masonry fireplaces. Our factory-built masonry fireboxes are affordable, easy to handle, and consistent in quality. A masonry fireplace adds luxury and increases the value of your home.

Recreating the tradition of the hearth and the elegance & romance of the flame, Mason-Lite captures the essence of the fi replaces masonry artists have been crafting for centuries. And, with a proven history of superior quality, lightweight fi replaces for indoor and outdoor projects, it’s no wonder Mason-Lite is one of the industry leaders of modular concrete fi replaces.

At Mason-Lite, we use the finest aggregate materials available to build our lightweight modular concrete fi replaces. One of the main ingredients is pumice, a naturally fi red volcanic rock with tremendous strength.

Its lightweight attributes are second to none, and because of its pre-fired beginnings, pumice retains heat better than any natural aggregate available. The best sources for USA pumice are in the western states, convenient to Mason-Lite’s California-based production facilities. Pumice is formed when gas-rich, frothy magma rapidly cools, creating air pockets that contribute to its remarkable lightweight properties.

Because it is only half the weight and half the cost of traditional masonry fireplaces, Mason-Lite Lightweight Masonry Fireplace Systems help you realize your dream of having a fireplace in your master bedroom, upstairs retreat or even your outdoor patio, without major building infrastructure reinforcement. The restful flicker and comfortable glow of the fire will provide you with years of treasured memories.

With the help of ICC-ES, Mason-Lite developed the structural testing and performance criteria (AC375) that would comply with the International Building Code (IBC), the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC). This allows building officials throughout the US to confirm that Mason-Lite fireplaces meet these stringent codes.

Why Choose Mason-Lite:


  • comes as three masonry blocks that are designed to lift a traditional vestal damper to fits our standard Masonry Fireplaces

Note: if using Mason-Lite Firebrick Panels, Damper Blocks are not needed.


Model Weight
MFPDS33 31 lbs.
MFPDS39 36 lbs.
MFPDS44 40 lbs.
MFPDS49 44 lbs.
MFPDS63 57 lbs.


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