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Mason-Lite 33" Pre-Cast Masonry Firebox Kit with 2ft Masonry Chimney and MFP33-SHBL Brick Liner

Mason-Lite 33" Pre-Cast Masonry Firebox Kit with 2ft Masonry Chimney and MFP33-SHBL Brick Liner

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Metal Base

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6 in. Structural Metal Base for 33 in. Firebox

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Damper Kit

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24 in. Cast Damper - for MFP33 (DAMPER BLOCK - MFP33 Included)

Damper Block for MFP33

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Air Kit

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4 in. Combustion Air Kit -3' Flexible Vent and Plastic Hood

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Masonry Arch

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Height Kit

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Mason-Lite Height Kits - Height Kit Includes (1) MFP33-2 & (2) MFP33-3

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Burner Set

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Natural Gas PureBurn Grate/Burner Set for MFP33 and MFP39

Propane Pureburn Grate/Burner Set for MFP33 and MFP39

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Chimney Shrouds

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32 in. Natural Copper Arlington Chimney Shrouds

32 in. Matte Black Arlington Chimney Shrouds

32 in. Dark Bronze Arlington Chimney Shrouds

32 in. Storm Gray Arlington Chimney Shrouds

36 in. Natural Copper Dover Chimney Shrouds

36 in. Matte Black Dover Chimney Shrouds

36 in. Dark Bronze Dover Chimney Shrouds

36 in. Storm Gray Dover Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Natural Copper Sussex Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Matte Black Sussex Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Dark Bronze Sussex Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Storm Gray Sussex Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Natural Copper Charleston Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Matte Black Charleston Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Dark Bronze Charleston Chimney Shrouds

40 in. Storm Gray Charleston Chimney Shrouds

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Have you ever dreamed of the radiant warmth of a masonry fireplace in your bedroom? Or, do you dream of an outdoor fireplace where you can gather together with friends and loved ones? Dreams can come true with Mason-Lite masonry fireplaces. Our factory-built masonry fireboxes are affordable, easy to handle, and consistent in quality. A masonry fireplace adds luxury and increases the value of your home.

Recreating the tradition of the hearth and the elegance & romance of the flame, Mason-Lite captures the essence of the fireplace masonry artists have been crafting for centuries. And, with a proven history of superior quality, lightweight fireplaces for indoor and outdoor projects, it’s no wonder Mason-Lite is one of the industry leaders of modular concrete fireplaces.

At Mason-Lite, we use the finest aggregate materials available to build our lightweight modular concrete fireplaces. One of the main ingredients is pumice, a natural-fired volcanic rock with tremendous strength.

Its lightweight attributes are second to none, and because of its pre-fired beginnings, pumice retains heat better than any natural aggregate available. The best sources for USA pumice are in the western states, convenient to Mason-Lite’s California-based production facilities. Pumice is formed when gas-rich, frothy magma rapidly cools, creating air pockets that contribute to its remarkable lightweight properties.

Because it is only half the weight and half the cost of traditional masonry fireplaces, Mason-Lite Lightweight Masonry Fireplace Systems help you realize your dream of having a fireplace in your master bedroom, upstairs retreat, or even your outdoor patio, without major building infrastructure reinforcement. The restful flicker and comfortable glow of the fire will provide you with years of treasured memories.

With the help of ICC-ES, Mason-Lite developed the structural testing and performance criteria (AC375) that would comply with the International Building Code (IBC), the International Residential Code (IRC), and the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC). This allows building officials throughout the US to confirm that Mason-Lite fireplaces meet these stringent codes.

Why Choose Mason-Lite:


  • Available in MFP39-PD, MFP44-PD, and MFP49-PD models.
  • Lightweight construction with multiple firebox sizes available.
  • Best fit and finish in the industry.
  • Available for Indoor/outdoor, wood-burning, natural, and propane gas systems.
  • Allowed for multi-story combustible floor installations.
  • Superior thermal efficiencies with the highest resistance strength at 28 days.
  • Complies and tested with UL 127 & UL 103 chimney component standards.
  • Optional herringbone or running bond firebrick panels for easy installation.
  • Heat resistant fire tested up to 1700 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Less expensive shipping and handling costs.
  • 50% cheaper than a traditional hand-built masonry fireplace.
  • Includes 2 feet Masonry Chimney, MFP33-SHBL Split Herringbone Liner, a bag of mortar, rebar, and T-bar.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Model MFP33-PD
Finished Opening Dimensions 30" (W) x 21.5" (D) x 22.5" (H)
Total Unit Height 54.5"
Footprint 37" x 28"
Flue Diameter - Class A 12" ID
Clearance to Combustibles* (Sides and Back) 2"
Framing Width 41" (W) x 30" (D) x 56.25" (H)
Floor Area (37 x 28) 7.2 sq. ft.
Fireplace Weight 1900 lbs.
Mortar and Rebar 60 lbs.
Ready Mix 150 lbs.
Metal Chimney weight per foot 10 lbs.
Installation Type Flush Installation / Corner / Internal Wall / Full Projection
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Product Inclusion
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MFP33SHBL Split Herringbone Brick liner

2 Feet Masonry Chimney

Refractory Mortar

Rebar and T-Bar

Options and Accessories
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MFPB33 6" Structural Metal Base

Our 6” and 8” bases are used for installations on combustible floors or second-story applications.

MFP4-AK Combustion Air Kit

Because homes are being built so tight, many jurisdictions are requiring additional outside air to make up for negative air pressure. For convenience, the kit comes pre-drilled for this application.

MFP-Arc Masonry Arch

The masonry arch kit consists of 2 pieces that can easily be mortared in to give a custom look.

MFP33-HK Height Kit

This Height Kit consists of a rear wall and two side walls that will increase the height opening by 8" from the standard opening (giving a Rumford look). With the new size, the opening is sure to check the Chimney Size Chart to ensure proper flu size.

MFP12-AP Anchor Plate/Damper

Dampers are required for indoor applications. Mason-Lite offers several damper options: metal anchor plate/damper for masonry chimney; cast-iron damper (damper blocks included); anchor plate/damper for metal chimney

Premium Chimney Shrouds

Mason Lite’s Decorative steel and copper chimney pots offer an alternative to unsightly factory flue caps and terminations, improving the aesthetics of chimney tops

Masonry Chimney Systems

Mason-Lite refractory chimney system may be used on MFP33, MFP39, MFP44, and MFP49 with a maximum system height of 30' without additional support.

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Attention: You may need a residential building permit to install a Mason-Lite Fireplace. Consult local jurisdictions before you get started!

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