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Mason-Lite 30" Virginiana Decorative Gas Logs and Burner For Use With MFP44

Mason-Lite 30" Virginiana Decorative Gas Logs and Burner For Use With MFP44

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Mason-Lite Fireplaces are designed as factory-built blocks to be assembled on-site. These fireplaces may be installed on either combustible or non-combustible floors. In order to function, the system requires a 12” B-vent chimney.

Looking for a contemporary style for your new fireplace? Look no further than Mason-Lite. Mason-Lite provides safe, yet esthetically beautiful, linear fireplaces for your indoor and outdoor living space.

At Mason-Lite we have been making custom masonry fireplaces for years with great success. Mason-Lite is proud to present our semi-custom linear fireplace line that spans from 4 feet up to 10 feet wide. We have tested 7 new models to the ANSI Z 21.50 standard for Vented Decorative Gas Appliances. This gives you even more peace of mind when using our Custom Linear units. Please see the list below of the units that we tested. All of these units come with a shortened 22.5″ finished opening height that gives you that linear look that is so popular today.

Why Choose Mason-Lite:


  • Mason-Lite Virginiana Burners have been designed to fit perfectly to fit in our five different sizes of 39″, 44″, 49″, 63″. Our 43″ see-thru model is also available.
  • All burners include battery electronic ignition with remote (matchlight available for vented systems)
  • Vented and vent-free meet ANSI standards
  • Individually cast and hand-painted logs
  • Cement refractory with reinforced steel fiber
  • All systems available with natural gas and propane (no conversion in the field)
  • Made in the USA

Model VG30-NG VG30-LP
Gas Type Natural Gas
Liquid Propane


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