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Firegear 21" LUME-MS1 Lume Multisided Smoke-Less Wood Burning Fire Pit

Firegear 21" LUME-MS1 Lume Multisided Smoke-Less Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Stainless Steel Lid

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Cooking Grate & Rod

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Firegear Outdoors is the premier provider of outdoor fire products. We specialize in burner systems, outdoor fire features & accessories for the outdoor fire industry.


The LUME is a 100% Commercial-Grade Stainless steel smoke-less wood fire pit specifically designed to burn more efficiently and emit less smoke. Comes in two sizes with sear and non-sear options. The LUME can be placed in a variety of outdoor areas and can also be dropped into a paving system for a built-in application. If installing the freestanding LUME in an SRW/Paver application, do not attach the legs to the unit.


  • Unique design for less smoke
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Modular, removable legs
  • Freestanding or lnsert capability to SRW Block, Bricks, or other Non-Combustible material
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lifetime Warranty on construction and manufacturer defects


Model LUME-MS1
Product Type Fire Pit
Fuel Type Wood Burning
Configuration Freestanding/Insert
Material Stainless Steel
Rim Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
Height 16 3/8"
Base Out Diameter
25 1/4"
Overall Leg Distance
23 3/16
Outer Liner
23 5/16"
Fit Openings
23 1/2" - 25 1/4"
Weight 44 lbs.

Options & Accessories

Stainless Steel Lid
  • Protects your fire pit when not in use.
Cooking Post & Grate Available
  • Extends your grilling surface area and helps control temperature by adjusting not only elevation but also location.
  • Easy, single-hand operation allows you to adjust up-and-down and left-right for the fullest grilling experience.


Safety Information: Check CA Prop 65 Warning for more information.

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