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Enervex ASCA for RS and RSHT 012 and 014

Enervex ASCA for RS and RSHT 012 and 014

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Steel Chimney Adapters for Air Cooled Chimneys. The ASCA Steel Chimney Adapter is used to provide support for the installation of an RS or RSHT chimney fan on a round, air-cooled steel chimney. It is mounted at the chimney termination point.

The adapter consists of a square mounting plate to support the fan and a round collar that can slide into the chimney for a tight fit. The outer diameter of the collar is 1/8" smaller than the inner diameter of the chimney. The 5" collar eliminates the need to secure the adapter externally.

Common Companion Products
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    • Can be used on most round chimneys
    • Integrated support allows venting of inner walls
    • Easy to install without use of tools


    Standard Sizes 4" to 13" (150mm to 325mm)
    Material Stainless Steel 316L
    Collar Size 1/8" (3 mm) less than the chimney ID
    Warranty 2-year Factory Warranty

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