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Majestic Villawood 42" Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Majestic Villawood 42" Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

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Refractory Panel

Doors - Operable

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Majestic BiFold Glass Doors for Villawood 42" Wood Burning Fireplace

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Drain Pan

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Majestic 47" Drain Pan for Villawood 42" Wood Burning Fireplace

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Gas Logs & Log Sets

Majestic Fireside Realwood 24" Gas Log Set
Majestic 24" Matchlight Natural Gas Hearth Kit for Outdoor Fireplace
Majestic 24" Safety Pilot Propane Gas Hearth Kit for Outdoor Fireplace

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The Villawood is a wood-burning fireplace at home in a variety of outdoor spaces. Upgrade your outdoor kitchen, or enhance your living area with style and warmth.

What's Included

  • Traditional or herringbone brick interior
  • Grate
  • Stainless steel mesh curtain screens
  • Dual gas knockouts
  • Outside air standard
  • UL & ULC listed

Not Included

  • Glass Door
  • Gas Logs & Log Sets
  • Drain Pan


  • Available in two sizes - Fits your space and design vision with viewing area options of 36" and 42".
  • Outdoor Approved - Provides durable, safe operation with stainless-steel materials and unique design features.

Venting Notes

  • Requires SL300 series pipe. See Venting section.


Model Villawood 42" Outdoor Wood Fireplace
Viewing Area 42 x 20-7/8"
Unit Width 47"
Unit Height 39-1/2"
Unit Depth 21-3/8"
Framing Width 48"
Framing Height 39-3/4"
Framing Depth 21-1/2"
Framing Front Width 48"
Framing Back Width 48"

Technical Dimensions

A 29-3/4"
B 47"
C 14-7/8"
D 42"


Majestic warranties illustrate commitment to producing the best and most reliable products available—and allow you to own your hearth appliance with confidence. You can read and download the specifics of the warranties below.
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HHT warrants to the original owner of the Product at the site of installation, and to any transferee taking ownership of the Product at the site of installation within one year following the date of original purchase, that the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture. After installation, if covered components manufactured by HHT are found to be defective in materials or workmanship during the applicable warranty period, HHT will, at its option, repair or replace the covered components. This warranty is subject to conditions, exclusions, and limitations as described below.


The warranty period begins on the earlier of: (i) the date of invoice for the Product; (ii) in the case of new home construction, the date of first occupancy of the residence or six months after the date of sale of the Product by an HHT authorized dealer, whichever occurs first; or (iii) the date 24 months following the date of Product shipment from HHT, regardless of the invoice or occupancy date.


  • The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers Products that are purchased through a HHT authorized dealer or distributor. A list of HHT authorized dealers is available on the HHT branded websites.
  • This warranty is only valid while the Product remains at the site of original installation.
  • Contact your installing dealer for warranty service. If the installing dealer is unable to provide the necessary parts, contact the nearest HHT authorized dealer. Additional service fees may apply if you are seeking warranty service from a dealer other than the dealer from whom you originally purchased the Product.
  • Check with your dealer in advance for any costs to you when arranging a warranty call. Travel and shipping charges for parts are not covered by this warranty.
  • The Product body, metal firebox, and heat exchanger carry the Limited Lifetime Warranty from the date of installation.
  • The following components do not carry the Limited Lifetime Warranty but are warranted as follows:
    • One Year from Date of Installation:
      • Gas and Electrical Components or Gaskets
      • Nickel Plated Materials
        • Excludes tarnishing
      • Glass Breakage, Logs/Refractory/Glass Panels due to thermal breakage
        • Surface, hairline cracks, scratches, and slight color changes are not covered
      • Venting, optional accessories, optional glass doors
      • Labor Associated with Warranty Service Work


Documents & Files

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Fireplace?

From an elemental standpoint, fire is king. From a design standpoint, the regal ambiance a fireplace brings to a space is undeniable. With today’s hearth innovations and technologies, it’s possible to include a fireplace in virtually any room in your residential or commercial project.

Why a Gas Fireplace?

Gas-fueled fireplaces offer the most versatility of placement, model variety, and technology. Majestic gas-fueled fireplaces will not only add an unforgettable focal point to your home but ambiance and comfort to the spaces you’re creating to deliver an experience of royal proportions. Clean-burning and efficient, building and design professionals typically include at least one gas-fueled fireplace in entry-level new construction homes as well as a second or third fireplace when planning move-up or luxury/custom properties.

Why a Wood Fireplace?

Majestic wood-burning fireplaces are a robust, reliable, and budget-friendly alternative to true masonry fireplaces and are ideal for projects where the hearth is used seasonally or when end-users are seeking the hands-on experience of a wood-fueled appliance. It’s important to understand local codes when specifying wood-burning models, particularly when seeking to comply with EPA requirements and other states, city, or provincial mandates.

Is it safe to mount televisions, electronics or other valuable items above my fireplace?

Majestic does not recommend installing any electronic device above a fireplace. Heat rising from the unit can damage sensitive electronic components found in televisions, computer screens, speakers, etc. as well as some artwork and home décor. Our products are tested for clearance to combustible finishing materials such as drywall and mantel surfaces, but are not tested specifically for use near other household electronics and decorative items.

Our brand new fireplace has smoke coming off the paint, is this normal?

Burn-off on stoves, fireplaces and other hearth products is normal. Always review the owner's manual and consult with your dealer for the proper burn-off time and ways to properly ventilate your home during that period. Expect to burn the appliance continuously, and at the highest settings, for a few hours. Smoke and odors should dissipate in short order.

How do I find the model number of my Majestic product?

Each of our units has a rating plate attached to it that lists both the model and serial number. The rating plate is located in a unique area depending on your appliance type.

  • For gas fireplace systems it is typically attached near the control valve, behind the lower or side control door.
  • For gas log-sets, it is attached near the control valve and most installers will slide it underneath the unit to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the set.
  • Rating plates for gas stoves are either attached to the rear shroud or can be found near the control valve (see location of gas fireplace systems).
  • Wood-burning fireplaces will have them affixed either to the metal floor of the fireplace (underneath the floor brick) or at the top right of the combustion chamber (above the brick located on the right side).
  • The rating plate for wood-burning inserts can be found below the firebox, attached to a small cable.
  • For wood-burning stoves, it is typically attached to the rear casting of the stove.
  • Rating plates for electric fireplaces can be found either inside the control panel or inside the unit, behind the glass
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